SETEK Systems AB has a main focus on customer specified product development including mechanics, electronics and software. With SETEK, you have a cognizant partner with a long exeperience in the complete supply chain from specification to a finished product.

Host Mobility AB provides flexible industrial computers for a variety of applications. You can choose you own setup of communication protocols depending on your application.

Cabeco has a long-time experience from development and manufacturing of special cabling, primary for vechicle diagnosis. In addition, customer specified wire harnesses, hand tools with high voltage isolation and Fluke electronic instruments are offered.


We are complete

SETEK Group represents a complete partner for product development including mechanics, electronics and software. Besides development, we also offer production, product care and logistics as different service solutions – in accordance with the demands from our customers.

We create values

You will have SETEK as a partner in your development process. By this, a flexible and efficient relation between you and us is established and you get your results fast, efficient and correct.

We supply confidence

With SETEK you will have a “one stop shop”. This means that we take care of all steps/processes from specification to serial production/final assembly. If you wish, we can assist you with your specifications and project management.

We work together

Our experience and concept are based on a close relation with you. Almost like if SETEK would be a part of your own organization. You can always get in touch with us and will get the feedback from the project at your desire.


Our concept, ”The one stop shop”, means that SETEK has a full commitment for your product, regardless which one of the group companies you get in contact with. We offer you all steps in the development phase from initial dsicussions/specifications to serial production and final assembly including delivery. We can also handle formal qualification corresponding to governmental requirements, i.e. CE- and E-approval.

Read more about the companies’ profiles below – and regard them as whole!

Specification and system design

Misson description, requirements, functional design, system design

Design and development

Electronics, mechanics, software, computers, IT-solutions, cabling

Qualification and manufacturing

Certifying, manufacturing preparations, contract manufacturer, packaging

Service solutions

Product care, updates, EOL issues (components)

Host Mobility AB Acquisition

SETEK Group has acquired Host Mobility AB. The company was included in the portfolio April 1st 2017, and was formally incorporated in the operations on the 15th of June. Host Mobility AB have more than 10 years experience of developing and delivering computer platforms within telematic for industry, military and automotive applications, while offering complete support services. ”We feel that Host Mobility have the conditions to naturally and effectively complement SETEK Group. We see fertil possibilities to business development within Host Mobility and other operations within SETEK Group, through ample synergy effects.” says Hans Richert, president of SETEK Group and SETEK Electronics CEO. For more information, contact Hans Richert: 073-663 20 40

Niranova Acquisition

In november 2018 Niranova was incorporated in the SETEK Group. Niranova develops electronic control systems and has its legacy in engine control systems. During later years focus is also on control and supervision of modern Li-ion battery systems.

”With the acquisition of Niranova, our offer within embedded electronics is further strengthened” says Hans Richert, president of SETEK Group.

For more information please contact Hans Richert, h.richert(at) +46 73 663 20 40 or Peter Lagerkvist, Business Area Manager Embedded Systems, p.lagerkvist(at) +46 70 891 48 64.



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